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The Sydenham River in southwestern Ontario is the only major watershed which lies completely in the Carolinian Life Zone and is relatively undisturbed by industrial development. This has made the river a biological treasure. The Sydenham River supports an incredible variety of aquatic life, or what we call biodiversity. At least 82 species of fish and 34 species of freshwater mussels have been found here, making it one of the most species-rich watersheds in all of Canada. Several species in the Sydenham River are found nowhere else in Canada, and some remain at only a few locations globally. Twenty-four species of fish, mussels and reptiles which live in and around the Sydenham River are nationally or provincially Species at Risk.

2016 Newsletter Now Available

2016 Newsletter

Winners of the 2016 Newsletter Riddles

1st prize – Erica Kelly
2nd prize – Pam Hamilton
3rd prize – Sydney Mcgee